Kandao Obsidian S


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Obsidian S

High Speed 120fps Camera


3D VR 4K video


3D VR 6K video

6K Resolution

3D VR 360 photos


High quality fisheye camera lenses


Up to 12 stops of dynamic range
in spherical image capturing

* It can be converted to 60fps in Kandao Studio desktop software for better VR HMD playback.

Stereoscopic 360 Camera · True Virtual Reality

A true sense of immersion can only be created by the 3D 360-degree video footage. It’s the key to offer stereoscopic 3D virtual tours for the audience. Kandao Obsidian 8K camera system utilizes a deep-learning optical flow stitching method, and can automatically generate ultra high quality 8K full frame stereoscopic panoramas. Obsidian 8K camera has 6 fisheye lenses and 6 storage cards. These six imaging modules are in great harmony, which frees the photographers from complexity but keeps the dynamic range of scenes.


Our engineers developed a stitching software named Kandao Studio. By using it, creators can capture the high quality 3D 360 degree picture and video footage with just one button. Kandao Studio eliminates complex steps and greatly speeds up the post-production process of 8K full 3D images and video footage.

Live Streaming *

The whole Kandao cinema camera system provides audiences a true sense of presence through the live stream experience in 3D 30 fps at 8K. Obsidian professional 360 camera can be connected to any laptop by our one powered Ethernet cable.
*License required

VR Playback

Kandao VR Player enables viewers to watch ultra high resolution 8K 360 VR videos shot by Obsidian cinema camera, either online or offline with little discomfort. Wearing VR headsets, our patented display method gives users a wider field of view with no distortion.

Professional 8K Video Camera

Obsidian R is a professional 8K video camera that can shoot 8K 360 virtual reality photography. Our digital cameras provide the time-lapse recording and support of 8K raw 3D 360 degree video and picture footage capture. The maximum 360 photo and video resolution of Obsidian R and S are 8K and 6K. And 360 video footage is recorded with flat/standard/log mode, and 360 photos support 8K raw DNG format. They give you an immersive 3D virtual reality experience.

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