Kandao QooCam EGO, Black, Real 3D, snap & View Instant Camera, Point & Shoot Stereo Digital Camera, 3D Camera, as Type of polaro, with Instantly Stereoscopic immersive


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Technical Specification
  • QooCam EGO, is the very first 3d camera on the world for instant immersion, captured unforgettable/incredibly moments by the perspective of fluid, crisp, and vital 3d videos that show in ultra-realistic stereoscopic. Camera snap & shoot, using 3d stereo technology, innovatively designed unique magnetic detachable clip on both sides, to fix the 3d viewer, one of the stereoscopic viewfinders enabled to create images with incredible depth and excellent realness.
  • Camera, as a parts of exciting new device, QooCam EGO content input, 2 lenses with dual 1920*1080 @60fps to capture the true footage as human dual eyes, 2.54 inches LCD touch screen, presented 847ppi display (doubles apple smartphone 13 resolution) and 1000 nits max. luminance, aspherical lenses, has built in 6-axis gyroscopic IMU stabilization, to enlarge the visual comfort with smooth and clear 3d video and images.
  • 3D Viewer, a stereo view to QooCam EGO 3d camera imagining content, with 37PPD 2 times as much advanced as that of existing headsets to achieve the boundary-pushing experience, has uses a unique and innovative detachable magnetic for instant playback, combined with full HD display, includes high transmittance & 7H hardness protective glass, nanometer coating and distortion correction.
  • Stereoscopic indulgence, looks far less like, portable carry 3d action camera with only less than weight of 260g(much less than a can of drink), size of 192/106/70 mm(normal digital camera as usual), chargeable battery insert with the capacity of 1340 mAh continued live around a days photo, and record in exterior memory SD card 256G max; but a great deal more like, cloud interaction via QooCam EGO shared by code generated, 3d devices headsets and social media platform, quick edition and connection on QooCam Apps.

Black & White. View on Red, 3D Camera Record, 3D Photo & Video, Instantly Experience, Enjoyable Review.

3d stereo instant camera  immersive experience

QooCam EGO, as Kandao brand new generation on 3d camera, stereoscopic display as real as human eyes sight

Serveral years ago, QooCam Group start from QooCam, a camera with handheld snap 4K action camera, designed by Kandao Team, won the industry award, the beginning of the 360 camera market. QooCam 8K, pocket camera with 8K capture and interior edited full panoroma photo for outdoor, dedicated into the full view market from the zero to the hero, and enriched the brand influence from the special to the universal. QooCam 8K Enterprise is still in progress, supply with various industry various circumstance and various application.

Eventhough, generally speaking, QooCam Group is not willing to abandon the ordinary users and popular majority, supported to Kandao and QooCam, expected its always bring more attraction surprise with tech and fresh. Kandao QooCam EGO, a new members step by the previous with brand new type greeting to all kinds of regular photographer, no matter you are the devoted fans, professional senior, hobbies junior, potential attractor.

Step by the previous, honorable awarded iF design award 2022 has been completed the nomination on finalist as well. Proofed by the professional recongnization from the top, could not be more effectivly enforce the convince than ever, involving how intensive competition in booming market for majority consumers.

3D View

3d view

3D View

3D View

Unlike other devices that split one image into two images to render a fake 3D effect, QooCam EGO has two lenses that capture the world just as you see it to provide an ultra-realistic 3D experience for photos and video. Now, the most important moments in your life will no longer be limited to 2 dimensions.

Unlike the previous and others, QooCam EGO has two lenses to capture the true 3D footage. The concept of stereo effect comes from the depth perception created by the visual deviation of human left and right eyes.

To fully restore the sense of realness, the inter-distance between binocular lenses of EGO is equal to the average interpupillary distance of 65mm. Its revolutionary optical correction algorithm could study and optimize all details involved in the blink of your eye, thus enabling it to create images with incredible depth and excellent realness.

Form Factor Compact
Special Feature Image Stabilization
Color Black
Connectivity Technology Wi-Fi
Screen Size 2.54 Inches
Flash Memory Type SD Card
Item Weight 5.6 ounces
Product Dimensions 4.72 x 2.72 x 6.18 inches
Batteries 1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)
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