Hokuyo UTM-30LX-EW Scanning Laser Rangefinder (30m)


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Technical Specification

The UTM-30LX-EW scanning laser rangefinder is a small, accurate, high-speed device for outdoor obstacle detection. This model uses Ethernet interface for communication and can obtain measurement data in a 270° field of view up to a distance of 30 meters with millimeter resolution. It uses multi-echo technology in order to obtain usable measurement data in adverse weather conditions. 


Light Source

 Semiconductor laser diode (FDA approval, Laser safety class 1)

Scanning Range 0.1 - 30m, 270°
Measuring Accuracy ±30mm (0.1 - 10m), ±50mm (10 - 30m)
Angular Resolution 0.25° (360°/1,400 steps)
Scanning Frequency  40Hz (2,400rpm)
Multi Echo Function Max. 3-echo
Communication Protocol SCIP 2.2
Communication  Ethernet 100 BASE-TX
DI/O Interface Scanner synchronous and Failure output
Power Source 12VDC
Power Consumption 0.7A or less
Ambient Illuminance Less than 10,000 lx 
Avoid direct sunlight as it may cause sensor malfunction.
Protective Structure IP67 (1EC standard)
Weight 210g
Size (W x D x H) mm 62 X 62 X 87.5


The Hokuyo UTM-30LX Scanning Laser Rangefinder LIDAR is an agile and compact robotic eye, featuring a 30m detection range and 270º field of view. Like the other scanners in the Rangefinder series, the UTM-30LX is compact and light.

It’s particularly suitable for outdoor environments, and performs well with fast-moving robots due to its quick-response capabilities and longer detection range. The device is powered through a convenient USB port and built to last for long working hours. See how the UTM-30LX Rangefinder scanner can transform your optics.


All necessary wiring is included.  Please refer to Hokuyo's Technical Documentation linked in the Downloads tab.

Note: Reversing the power polarity will damage the sensor! If a need arises to adjust this sensor's network settings (such as the IP address), Hokuyo recommends using the URG Benri software tool. A direct link to the tool is listed under Product Assets at the bottom of this page.


The UTM-30LX-EW uses a laser source (λ=905nm) to scan a 270º semicircular field (Figure 1). It measures the distance for each angular step to objects in its range. The measurement data along with its angular step are transmitted via a communication channel. The laser safety is class 1.



  • Multi-echo
  • Supply Voltage: DC12V ±10%
  • Supply Current: 700mA or less (1A during startup)
  • Measurement distance 30m
  • Scan Angle 270°
  • Scan Frequency: 25ms
  • Interface Ethernet
  • Protective Structure IP67
  • Angular Resolution: Approx. 0.25° (360°/1440 divisions)
  • Weight: 300g (With cable)
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